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Husqvarna pressure washers give you the power and control to take care of any outside cleaning task.

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Our Pressure Washer Range


Pressure Washer

Max Pressure: 125 bar
Water Flow: 320-460 l/h

From $239.00
Rec. retail price incl. GST


Pressure Washer

Max Pressure: 135 bar
Water Flow: 350-520 l/h

From $399.00
Rec. retail price incl. GST


Pressure Washer

Max Pressure: 160 bar
Water Flow: 420-500 l/h

From $649.00
Rec. retail price incl. GST


Pressure Washer

Max Pressure: 160 bar
Water Flow: 470-520 l/h

From $1,059.00
Rec. retail price incl. GST

Introducing Husqvarna pressure washers

Our high pressure washers offer all the quality and intuitive operation you expect from Husqvarna. Each model is optimized for maximum cleaning performance and designed for a great user experience.

Clever swivel functions, quick connections, durable metal pumps, high-traction wheels and generous hose lengths are a few of the many features that help you get a perfect result.

Water power with precision and efficiency

Get a fresher look to your vehicles, garden furniture, walls, stone settings or patio - your Husqvarna pressure washer is prepared to take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered.

Add a complete range of accessories, and you will always have full control over your work. If you know us, we would never have it any other way - and we are pretty sure that goes for you too.

The complete range

All Husqvarna pressure washers have been built for maximum cleaning performance and high durability.

The user experience has been carefully and purposefully designed, with generous hose lengths, quick connections, and swivel functions that prevent the hose from tangling.

Get the most out of your water power

Add versatility and more cleaning power by picking up some of the many great accessories available for your Husqvarna pressure washer.

Let’s keep everything clean — including your conscience

Nature’s own cleaning fluid has unexpected powers — something you will discover with the new Husqvarna high pressure washers. Water’s washing performance is hard to beat when combined with world-leading technology and engineering.

As there is limited access to water in many areas, you do not want to waste any of it. A Husqvarna pressure washer actually uses about 80% less water to get the job done when compared to a regular hose.



Which pressure washer model is right for me?

The cleaning performance is determined by how the water pressure and the water flow are used in combination. The larger the area to clean or the larger the amount of jobs to be done, the higher the cleaning performance recommended to get the job done efficiently.

  • 100 – series: Designed for basic cleaning tasks such as patios and garden equipment.
  • 200-series: All-round pressure washers with robust and purposeful design, ideal for most cleaning tasks around the house and garden.
  • 300 – series: High-performance, sturdy, long-life pressure washers with purposeful design for excellent results on demanding jobs such as vehicles and stone walls.
  • 400: A range of extra-large, full-featured pressure washers offering the highest performance and lifetime. Built for the toughest cleaning tasks including mobile homes and other large vehicles, facades and estates.

Please visit your local dealer to determine which model fits your need. Also, remember to check your electrical installation to ensure that the electrical supply is sufficient.

What nozzle should I use?

All Husqvarna pressure washers come with two types of nozzles. One flat jet nozzle with variable pressure adjustment and one rotating nozzle. The flat jet nozzle is a versatile multipurpose nozzle that is used for tasks such as vehicle cleaning, garden equipment and paving.

The rotating nozzle is a high intensity nozzle that can be be used when extra stubborn dirt and grime needs to be removed. Always try on a small hidden area initially since the cleaning performance of the rotating nozzle is very high and may damage some surfaces.

Can I feed water from a portable water main to my high pressure washer?

All Husqvarna pressure washers have a self-priming function which enables you to feed water to your high pressure washer from alternative sources such as rain water tanks and barrels.

A suction hose is required (optional accessory, article number 590 65 97-01).

How much water does the pressure washer need?

A pressure washer, depending on the model, has a flow rate of between 320 l/h and 650 l/h. Husqvarna high pressure washers use up to 80% less water to achieve the same cleaning result as a normal garden hose.

The automatic start/stop system stops the device when the trigger is deactivated which saves energy.

What should I do if the motor doesn't start?
  • Check the power supply and mains fuse.
  • Check the power switch on the device.
  • If an extension cable is used, ensure that the specification meets the power supply requirements of the device and that it is fully unwound.
  • If blown fuses during start-up and operation, ensure that the fuse meets the rated current Inom as described in the manual and that the fuse characteristic is of type “slow-blow” / class “C” or “K”. 

What should I do if the device is not building up pressure?

  • Ensure that the water supply is properly connected and that water flow is sufficient.
  • Remove the filter from the water inlet and clean it.
  • Activate the trigger without the nozzle connected and with the power switch in the “0Off” position. This will evacuate potential air in system.
  • Verify that you are using the right accessories."
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