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Stand on Lawn Mowers

Learn all about our stand-on lawn mowers

Manoeuvrability and speed make Husqvarna stand-on mowers unrivalled when it comes to efficiency.

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Our Stand-On Lawn Mowers Range


Stand -On Mowers

Motor/engine manufacturer: Kawasaki
Power output: 18.3 kW

From $16,129.00
Rec. retail price incl. GST

Performance you can count on

The Husqvarna V500 series stand-on mower combines heavy-duty construction with industrial strength drive systems to deliver long lasting operation and increased productivity in any commercial application.

The extreme maneuverability, the comfortable and ergonomic handling, the outstanding cut quality and speed of operation will make child’s play of managing the toughest of lawns.

Do more - in less time

The V500 has been designed to provide you with outstanding performance that will save time and improve your efficiency.

The heavy-duty cutting system will allow you to mow both faster and for a longer period of time – with an amazing cut quality, even on slopes and with high or rough grass.

And thanks to its compact size, more units can be transported on the same trailer, allowing the user to bring more units to the site.

Built to endure

A V500 stand-on mower is a safe return on investment – every part and detail has been heavily tested to make sure it delivers on durability and performance.

It’s been constructed using the toughest materials available for a long and productive product life. The welded tubular steel frame, cast-iron spindles and heavy-duty, fabricated cutting deck are all made to withstand long years of tough commercial use.

For additional peace of mind, it’s all backed by a generous commercial warranty.

Designed for long hours on the job

The ergonomic operator interface makes the V500 very maneuverable and precise, requiring less effort throughout the long work day.

A carefully measured weight distribution allows for ideal maneuverability and traction while the lightweight deck lift makes changing the height from 1” to 5” fast and easy.

The ergonomic body cushion and dampened hydraulic controls ensure a comfortable work position while the unique flip up standing platform allows the user to walk behind the unit if necessary.

Easy-access service points

In order to achieve maximum productivity, the V500 has been designed with easy service in mind. All service points are easily accessed with a minimum of tools required.

Serviceability is further improved with easy access integrated tanks and pumps, outboard bypass levers, flip-down mowing pad and tool-less tracking adjustments.

This translates into quick and easy service, freeing up the time you need for mowing, increasing your overall productivity.